A Humming Heart - Book

In 2012, I lost my brother in a tragic trucking accident. Later that fall, I moved back from Maui to my hometown in Northern Nevada to be closer to family. It was in the backyard when I discovered so many beautiful hummingbirds. One bird in-particular, whom I called Chickadee, reminded me so much of my brother. Whenever I saw the bird, I felt my brother's spirit was still with me.

I spent several years photographing these exquisite birds and wrote stories about each photograph, eventually creating the book, A Humming Heart. The book was designed to help inspire and heal individuals who are dealing with grief from loosing a loved one. A Humming Heart contains a series of extraordinary images of hummingbirds, paired with a storyline of inspiring words describing the spirit of the hummingbird and its universal message.

I'm steadily approached by folks explaining how they’ve lost a loved one, and the hummingbird was somehow their loved ones spirit. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear a similar story and those stories created even more motive for me to write this book.

I hope the words and images of this book bring you the same comfort it has brought me during a time of grief. Xo

Dedicated to my brother Eric, Love Sis. 


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