Author of A Humming Heart

In 2012, I lost my brother in a tragic trucking accident. Later that year, I moved from Maui to my hometown in Northern Nevada to be closer to family.

In the back yard of my home, there were so many beautiful hummingbirds. One bird in particular, whom I called Chickadee, reminded me so much of my brother. Whenever I saw that hummer, I felt my brother's spirit was still with me.

I spent several years photographing these exquisite birds and wrote stories about each photograph, eventually creating the book, A Humming Heart. The book was designed to help inspire and heal those who are dealing with grief from losing a loved one. A Humming Heart contains a series of extraordinary images of hummingbirds paired with a storyline of inspiring words describing the spirit of the hummingbird and its universal message.

Prior to writing the book, I often had conversations with folks who shared with me that they’d lost a loved one and had sensed their loved one’s spirit in a hummingbird. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear a story like that, and those stories along with my own experience motivated me to write this book.

I hope the words and images of the book bring the reader the same comfort they brought me during a time of grief.


Dedicated to my brother, Eric

Love, Sis

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