The Wish – Original Painting (Sold)



The idea for “The Wish” came when I moved away from Maui to help my family on the mainland. I lost my brother in a trucking accident; my father had gotten cancer and my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, all within several months of each other. I took this selfie one night when everything fell apart. The moment I took the photograph, I knew in my heart my family and I were going to be ok. I closed my eyes and imagined us being back in the healing arms of the island and made a wish… Four years later, my wish came true.

The flowers in this self-portrait represent challenges we face, the roots penetrate our feet sometimes causing us to stumble, and they eventually turn into

something beautiful and unexpected. The stars are from the night sky above Haleakala. The two‘Iwa birds represent spirits of loved ones.


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